How can an online seller from a developing country solve the challenge of rate fluctuations on daily transactions with his overseas clients?

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Adrian is an online seller from Philippine. He owns a WooCommerce shop and his clients are mainly in Europe, the USA, and Australia. In his country, the currency is the Philippine peso also called “piso” and “PHP”.

As any of the entrepreneur who sells overseas, unexpected currency fluctuations can hardly affect   Adrian’s company’s future cash flows. The impact of the currency fluctuation is at the heart of Adrian’s pricing strategy. But how can he put his company safe when the potential risk of losing money from fluctuating rates is so high?

Fortunately,  there is a solution for Adrian’s company was the biggest concern.

And this solution is called SCD. An advanced plugin that manages currency switching and has amazing features. 

In the general settings tab, it can allow Adrian to customize the currency options and exchange rates. 

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The plugin will help him set a fixed currency conversion rate for EURO, Dollar and Australian dollar, since his customers are mainly paying with these currencies,  and he won’t have to worry about trade fluctuations anymore. 

SCD can also help Adrian earn more money at any transaction with his overseas clients. On the plugin general tab, he can set up an additional percentage to tack on top of the conversion rate (add an extra 10% for example).

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This is how SCD can help Adrian take advantage from an apparent disadvantage situation, and turn it to an advantage, hence helping him grow his business. 

All the online sellers from the so-called “developing countries” are dealing with the same issues  Adrian is facing and SCD is really the one and only steady tool that can help them turn a disadvantage to an advantage. Icing on the cake, you can even earn money on your daily transactions. 

Don’t waste more time and get your business. 

Download SCD 14 days trial here

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