How to re-order product tab in WooCommerce

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Sometimes default features are not enough as per your user experience. In that case, you might need to modify the plugin or your theme. This post will help you to re-arrange all the tabs on your single product page.

Even if you are using Dokan Multivendor then you may need to re-arrange the Vendor info/location/shipping tab. Which is also possible as Dokan is using the same WooCommerce filter.

How to re-order product tab?

Each and every tab has own position to maintain. So, when the WooCommerce plugin developer developed their plugin that time they added filter/hook to override this specific function of product tab and the filter name is- woocommerce_product_tabs which can be used to add a new tab or modify any tab position/title.

We will use the filter to modify the tab position to re-order.

Default Tab Positions

As an example, you need to show the Review tab on the first and then the Description and at last, you need to show Additional information tab.

At first, you need to create a child theme and then paste the below code on your child-theme functions.php file.

After inserting the code you will see below changes-

After re-ordering position

If you are using Dokan and if you need to move the vendor info tab then you have to add the vendor info code line like below-

$tabs['seller']['priority'] = 5; // vendor info first


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