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5 Unknown Ways to Monetizing a WordPress blog for Higher Earnings

One of the biggest challenges that newbies face most of the times is how to monetize their WordPress blog to get the most out of it. Most people start their blog just to showcase their work, others make it a source of their income. You have heard about people earning a decent amount from their blogs meanwhile, many bloggers having an intention of earning money ends up struggling with optimization of their blogs. (more…)

By Paul Simmon, ago

Hide Coupon Code Field

If your marketplace does not require a coupon functionality or you do not want your user to apply any coupon code then hide the field from everywhere (Cart/Checkout). Now, you can say that "I am not a developer/programmer, how can I do this?". Please follow my below instruction to do this customization easily and in the proper way. (more…)

By Nayem, ago