Create a Multi-vendor Marketplace within 5 minutes – Part 1

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9Tpbkddac If you are thinking to create a marketplace like amazon, eBay or Etsy, you will require tons of work and lot of money then please think something different now. You have a better solution.
You can create your own multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, eBay orEtsy within 5 minutes. It’s hard to believe but yes it is true. Now you are thinking how it will possible to create a multi-vendor e-commerce site within a short time! No need to worry, you will get everything and you will say it is possible after reading this article.

What will require?

1. A Clear business plan.
2. WordPress site.
3. Plugins.
4. Theme

A Clear business plan

First of all you have to think positive and you have to build a clear business plan. You can not start a multi-vendor marketplace without any plan. Because in multi-vendor marketplace many sellers will sell their product. You have to think about their commission and your profit.thinking-diagram You have to create a fair business plan which will make seller interested in joining in your marketplace to sell their product. If you can not make seller sure that they will get advantage and profit then they will search for another system.

A WordPress site

If you are thinking about the platform to start then do not think much. You can easily start your marketplace with WordPress. It is safe, fast and easy to manage. If you do not have any technical knowledge, then keep smiling because you can manage it as you can manage your phone.
positive-thinking-b Think positive and start without any doubt with WordPress
More details will be available in the next part of this post.Keep visiting my blog to read the next part of this title.


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