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All over the world 164 official currencies are available that means people will love to do their transaction with their own local currency. This part is really important for any kind of business specially for online business. So, if there is flexible currency selection system for the customer to pay for your service or product then your marketplace would be on the top of a customer wish-list.

When you are running e-commerce website made by WooCommerce that time there are lots of multi-currency plugin which can allow your customer to purchase your product by their own currency. Yes, it is not very difficult when there is a single store system like WooCommerce. Because the admin will receive the payment in his own base currency while the customer is paying with their own currency. Conversion of the currency is the tricks to work with a multi-currency system.

Now, if you are running a multivendor marketplace powered by Dokan Multivendor plugin then this would be a difficult situation. Because your vendor can register from anywhere and they can have their own currency. So, how your website is going to manage multiple-currency from multiple vendors. Yes, this is a big challenge for Dokan users.

How to use multi-currency with Dokan?

An international marketplace can have customer from all over the globe which is same for the vendor/seller. So, your vendor might need to sell on GBP while your website base currency is USD. For a single vendor it is not the problem but if 3 vendors are selling in 3 different currency that would be a drama for the marketplace.

We were searching for a good solution where the vendor can manage multiple currencies and we wanted a solution from the vendor end. That means the vendor would be able to insert different price for different currency (country). This solution can solve every problem.

Suddenly, we found a plugin called Smart Currency Detector(SCD) which is already compatible with Dokan along with other marketplace plugins for WordPress.

SCD plugin will allow your vendor to insert different price depending on country/currency. This plugin has tons of features –

  • Specify the number of usable currencies for your different roles
  • Set a specific products price for each given currency
  • Round up the converted price to your convenience
  • Automatic target currency detection, depending on end users Location
  • Manual target currency selection, done by end users in your Website
  • Customize foreign currencies names, Formats, symbols, signs, brands
  • Users to roles settings and restrictions
  • Approximate the products price
  • Enable the payment with several currencies
  • Allow to auto-update exchange rate
  • Exchange rates are fetched from Yahoo Finance So they are always updated
  • Set a time to update Exchange rates
  • Set the position for each currency
  • Format / rename your currencies
  • Set your preferred currency target (e.g. autodetect)
  • End users widget
  • Allow adding a decimal number
  • Set the number of decimal
  • Enable/disable price by currency
  • Appropriate for multi-vendor sites (e.g. WC Vendors, Dokan)
  • Simplified the products creations UI for multiple currencies
  • Mobile friendly
  • Replace Original Price
  • Translations
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Multi-base currencies
  • Set user currency (for wc-vendors user)
  • Paypal gateway
  • PayUMoney gateway – (soon)

How Smart Currency Detector Works?

After installing the paid version of SCD plugin, your vendor would be able to insert different price for a different country.

To use SCD with DOKAN pro

First of all, you should have dokan installed on your WordPress website along with WooCommerce.

Then, you have to follow some very easy steps to enable scd with dokan

  1. Download and install the scd (smart currency detector) plugin.

You can get it from

  1. Activate the plugin from your wordpress administration panel
  2. Scd is automatically integrated into dokan.

SCD has two operating modes:

The standard mode and the multi-vendors (marketplace) mode

Standard mode

It is the default mode

  1. Log in with a vendors account
  2. Go to your dashboard
  3. Add a new product
  4. Fill all required fields
  1. Click on the create product button
  1. Now go to your shop (ensure that the product created is not pending)
  2. Depending on your location scd detects your local currency and converts the price accordingly

The multi-vendors (marketplace) mode

To use scd on this mode, you will need to configure scd accordingly

  1. Log in with your administration account,
  2. Go to your wordpress administration panel
  3. Under the woocommerce menu, click on « SCD currencies » sub menu ;
  4. Click on the « CURRENCIES SETTINGS » tab,
  1. Check the option « Multi roles based, webpages display currency »
  1. Save the changes,
  2. Log in with your vendors account,
  3. Go to your dashboard and add a new product,
  1. In addition to the dokan inputs fields you have now scd inputs fields as well
  1. In the « set currency » drop down field, select all the currencies that you want to configure
  2. In the Regular price drop down field, you can select for each specific currency the related regular and sale prices
  1. Go to your shop and convert your product
  2. If you are in the zone of one of the currencies you configured, you see the price you set up accordingly. For example, in our case we configured EUR currency, so in the Euro zone we see the specific price we configured for EUR.
  1. Otherwise, the price you see comes from the automatic conversion of the default currency
  1. You can use the SCD WIDGET to switch to any currency you want
  2. You can also specify a restricted number of currencies that shall be available from your widget

Here the same conversion rules apply. For instance, we did not configure the GBT currency. Thus, the live conversion applies after selecting GBT with the widget

Vendor can also consult his current balance in his local currency

If you have any question regarding the Smart Currency Detector plugin then you can contact here.


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