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Today I have uploaded my new plugin for WooCommerce. The name of the plugin is – Woo Login Redirect. It will help you to redirect your user to a specific page after their login or registration through the my-account page.

One of my friends is using WooCommerce in his e-commerce website. Yesterday he came to me for a solution. In his website when his user logged in or register through the my-account page, After the login/registration they redirected to the my-account page again. My friend told me that he wants his user to redirect to a specific page after login or registration. I was not able to help him instantly. I have asked for few times.
Yesterday, I was searching on the web for the solution. I did not get any plugin for WooCommerce like this. I have searched for few hours without success. I was not able to get the solution for both login and registration redirect.
Then I have discussed with some great people who knows about WooCommerce better than me. Then I was trying with my own hand. After trying for a couple of days, I got the solution. It was not easy for me because I am not an expert. Woo Login redirect will be the best solution for my friend.
By using this plugin, you can set a specific page where the user will be redirected after login or registration.
Plugin Download Link

How It Works

You have to install the parent plugin WooCommerce. Then you have to install Woo Login Redirect plugin.
After installing the plugin, Please navigate to wp-admin->WooCommerce->Settings->General Options. In this general options tab, you will get those select box to select your login/registration redirect page.
1. Login Redirect
2. Registration Redirect.

  • From the login redirect option, you can select the specific page to redirect. Your user will be redirected after their successful login to your selected page.
  • Select the specific page to redirect your user after their successful registration.

Plugin Download Link

Note: Those redirect will work when the user will register or login via WooCommerce my-account page


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