5 Unknown Ways to Monetizing a WordPress blog for Higher Earnings

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One of the biggest challenges that newbies face most of the times is how to monetize their WordPress blog to get the most out of it. Most people start their blog just to showcase their work, others make it a source of their income. You have heard about people earning a decent amount from their blogs meanwhile, many bloggers having an intention of earning money ends up struggling with optimization of their blogs.

As a beginner, you should not expect to make six figures right away, though you have to put a lot of efforts to stand out from others. If you are up for making a living out of it then we are here to help you monetize your blog for higher earnings. Following are some of the unknown ways you may find useful in turning your blog into a money making machine.

Pay Per Click

Displaying ads on your blogs is a popular way to make money and Google AdSense is a well-known platform for earning through clicks on their ads. The money you will earn is based on the number of people clicking on the ads. However, never try to click on the ads by yourself or you will get penalized by Google.

PPC ads that are related to your niche are found to be really effective, however, many people nowadays are using adblocker that prevent them to watch ads while visiting any website, that’s a crucial factor as if they can’t see your ads to click on and eventually you will lose money.

Affiliate marketing

Though the concept seems little complicated as soon as you come to start comprehending the things you will find it really easy thing to do.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the products available on the other platforms through your blog and in return, you will earn the commission money. The most well-known affiliate programs are run by Amazon and you can earn decent commissions by promoting their products on your platform.
The commissions are based on the category of the product, you are promoting. Here are some tips to consider,

 Read all the guidelines and conditions before setting up your blog for affiliate marketing.
 Mention it in your blog that you are using affiliate links. This is considered a good user
 Don’t annoy your readers with too many affiliate links.

Sell your own products online

You can also sell your own products online but you need to create your brand awareness through an effective marketing. Whether sell digital products like eBooks, software, illustrations or photographs or sell physical goods like electronics, arts, and crafts or beauty products etc., it’s up to you. Selling the products like building materials, grocery items and other home utensils will require you to calculate the price based on their dimensions like height and width etc. The most effective way to achieve this is WooCommerce price calculator plugin. It will calculate the price based on length, width, height, area & the volume of the product.

Coaching services

Being a coach and mentor is definitely worthwhile. As an admin of a well-performing blog, you can teach others how to be successful through amazing skills.
Your blog can be a great marketing asset for you if you got expertise like marketing, music, cooking or programming etc., you can earn money by teaching these skills to others. Create a courses section in your blog and create packages based on different skills you are professional at. Teach it to others and make handsome money selling these courses.

Sponsored posts

This is another way of earning through the paid reviews. If you have a nice repo as a content writer or as a marketer, other companies will approach you and will ask you to write reviews of their products. Many companies offer you with a financial reward on each review and you have to provide the content on a daily or weekly basis, others will offer you to place a link of your blogs on their site.
That’s an ethical approach to boost your site’s presence in search engine rankings. As a beginner, you will find it challenging to search for companies that allow this type of approach.

Final thoughts

Aside from all of your marketing struggles of optimizing your blog, if the content on your blog is not meaningful or is not of high quality then you may not be able to drag a significant amount of traffic on your blog. If you are planning to make it a career then focus on selling your own products. If you already have huge followers on your blog then it’s time to introduce your own brand.


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