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A few days ago, I was trying to buy something from an online marketplace. After buying the product on Thursday night I  was informed that Thursday and Friday were closing time for that marketplace and I had to wait for the next two days. So, that time I realized a marketplace owner always share his store opening/closing time to his customer.

Now, let talk about a complete multivendor marketplace solution which has almost all the feature which is required to run a multivendor marketplace. I have described a lot about this plugin within multiple posts on this website.

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace plugin is now allowing its vendor to show the store opening/closing time on the store page.

How does it work?

You have to make sure that you are using the latest Dokan plugin pro version which is v2.9.0. The site admin will have the option to enable/disable business hour option for the vendor. Let me show how you have to move forward :

On the backend of your website, you should get a Dokan menu and you have to navigate through – dokan → General → Store Opening Closing Time Widget. You have to enable this option to allow your vendor so that they can add their own store opening/closing time. 

(Dokan admin settings area)

Vendor view

On the vendor dashboard settings area, you can find the option to insert store time. Your vendor will insert his opening and closing time. Also, he/she will be able to insert an opening or closing message.


After adding a business hour on the store settings area you have to save the settings. Then visit the store page and on the store sidebar store timing will be visible.

So, I think this simple feature can help your customer to take the decision when he should purchase. This is the best way to avoid any miscommunication between the vendor and the customer. Because mostly the customer complains they do not get any response if they send a message to the vendor.

Which theme is Dokan compatible?

You can check for more from here.


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